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5 Ways Stow Simple Can Help New Parents With Baby’s Many Bundles

Nothing compares to the feelings new parents experience when their bundle of joy arrives. What they weren’t expecting were, well, all of the extra bundles of “stuff” that come along with a new baby. It’s true, babies need a lot of things. From the bassinet to the stroller, bibs to bottles, trying to tuck these needed items away is definitely quite the challenge. What closet space may have existed before is now stuffed full. What are new parents to do? Here are 5 ways Stow Simple’s pickup and delivery storage can help new parents:

1. Complimentary use of heavy-duty containers

At Stow Simple, we provide the containers for you. Sturdy and secure, you caStow Simple Bin_Measurements_Orange_ltbluen rest assured that your items will remain safe. Taping up flimsy cardboard boxes is a pain and there’s no way to guarantee they won’t fall apart from over use or water damage. Best yet, we deliver bins at no charge right to you.


2. Knowing what’s inside 

Child's Lookbook

It’s so easy to pack things away and then forget what you packed and where you packed it. We photo catalog the items we store for you so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting.


 3. Climate control 

Our storage facilities are climate controlled to ensure your items remain safe from Miami’s heat and humidity. Nobody wants to retrieve their stored items only to find them musty or moldy from a damp space.

4. Pick up and re-delivery 

jorge-pushing-bins_edit2Save yourself the time and hassle of hauling your items. We pick them up and take them to our storage facility for you. When you’re ready to use your items again, all it takes is the click of a button and we’ll re-deliver them to your door.

5. Donations 

Stow Simple + Miami Rescue Mission

We are proud supporters of the Miami Rescue Mission. For parents who find they have items they will no longer need, we provide a bag for donations. Maybe baby number two isn’t going to need the pink, frilly outfits or you realized after the last time that you have way more bottles then you’ll ever really need. We’ll take those items off your hands and make sure your donation helps those in need.

Ready to empty those closets and clear out your hallways? Consider these 5 reasons why going with Stow Simple can make more room in your life. Being a new parents is hard enough work. Let us help you to lighten the load!

4 Japanese organizing ideas for Tiny Spaces. We need this Miami.


Stow Simple hits Japan
Stow Simple hits Japan

Japan is the land of creative storage techniques and organizing ideas. The average Tokyo resident has less than 1,000 square feet of living area and have had to learn to live with less stuff in their lives. Japan is also vulnerable to lots of earthquake shaking so not only do they have to own less stuff, it also has to be organized and stored securely.

Stow Simple in Tokyo!
Stow Simple in Tokyo!

Last summer, one of our Stow Simple Team members had the opportunity to travel to Japan and take notes on clever storage techniques and gathered several organizing ideas that could be utilized in Miami’s tight condo spaces. Here are four tips we should all be using right now.

1. Pull-out drawers and pull-down cabinets

Japanese homes really use lots of long, narrow pull out drawers in as many spaces as possible, especially kitchens where counter spaces are limited. They are awesome.  Use them.

Home Kitchens/08 KW House
Look up!  Don’t forget about all the unused space in top cabinets or up on your walls, especially in the kitchen. Many Tokyo apartments have pull down cabinets to maximize kitchen storage. Although, not all are as cool as this one:

2. Organize with semi-porous baskets or labeled boxes

If you have ever been to Japan, you have probably dived into a 100 yen store (sort of like a dollar store on crack.)  You can pick up just about any kind of household item for organizing. There a wide variety of plastic bins with handles to help organize items together in cramped spaces and cut down on disaster zones of clutter. If you live in any major city in the US with a notable Japanese community (LA, San Francisco, Seattle, New York– you’ll find a Daiso that carries these items).

Japanese dollar store bins-every organizer's dream store
Japanese dollar store bins-every organizer’s dream store
Seriously, amazing.
Seriously, amazing.

3. Organizing ideas that show off quirkiness

Sometimes we just don’t have a place for everything so some Japanese display stuff with quirkiness. Have fun and be lighthearted and showcase it in a neat way.

Ultra minimalism at its best
Ultra minimalism at its best


Fun storage--display it in a quirky way!
For the non-minimalist–display stuff  in a quirky but neat way!
Quirky "Rilakuma" (Relax Bear) file boxes
Quirky “Rilakuma” (Relax Bear) file boxes

4.  Use textiles

Don’t forget about textiles when organizing.  They give small spaces movement. In Japan, the changes of seasons are celebrated more prominently than in the US. Residents and business owners change their “norens” in their homes from season to season. These rectangular pieces of fabric with one ore more vertical slits are hung in doorways or windows. Sometimes they are used to divide the space between cooking areas and dining areas. For example, a breezy linen cloth with bright flowers can be used in the summer to make people “feel cooler” with the visual cues of summertime themes.

They can also be used to give a small room a feeling of flow and movement, especially if they are made of linen or hemp.

organizing idea-norens to hide clutter
Norens can hide clutter and also make you feel in tune with the seasons.


Our Stow Simple friend, Kim Hyacynthe, recently moved to Tokyo to start business school and shared her short tour of her tiny apartment with our team. You can get a sense for the lack of space and we are looking forward to her new tours after she gets fully moved in and organized!

Minimalism For Happiness

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a philosophical approach to life that focuses on eliminating anything that’s unnecessary. Rather than concentrating on “stuff” such as personal belongings and tasks, a minimalist aims for a less complicated life.

Although the goal of some minimalists is to completely remove everything until they’re at a clean slate, most minimalists will simply follow minimalist principles. They remove the clutter in their home, minimize obligations, and reevaluate what’s important.


Benefits of Minimalism

Life can get very crazy and stressful at times. Between bills, a demanding job, and other responsibilities, life can be an absolutely exhausting cycle.

By living minimally, you can remove a lot of this stress. This is the focal point of minimalism – escaping the endless cycle of needing “more.”

Do you have to give up all of your things?

Absolutely not. However, in order to completely immerse yourself in a minimalistic lifestyle, you’ll need to avoid the unnecessary. This could potentially mean no more TV, no more unread books, and no more rarely-worn clothes filling up closets. This is certainly on the extreme end and isn’t suitable for everyone. It’s just too difficult.

However, if you are seriously considering a minimalistic approach, here are some helpful tips:

  • Find ways to say no. If you’re having trouble finding time to clean up your home, you’re probably overbooked. By declining more often, you’ll be able to figure out what’s important enough to stay on your calendar and what you can cut out.
  • Take it slow. Diving head first into a minimalistic life will not only be overwhelming, but it may also hinder your success. Instead, divide up whatever you’re trying to minimize. If you’re trying to simplify your home, segment it room by room and figure the extent that you’re willing to go.
  • Don’t purchase what you already have. Is another pair of shoes really necessary? Do you need 6 bottles of ketchup? Are you actually going to read that book? You need to be honest with yourself and don’t buy what you don’t need. Not only will it simplify your life, it’ll also save you a lot of money.

minimal home

Living a minimal lifestyle is not easy and is certainly not for everyone. If you’re interested in simplifying your life (or at least your home) without getting rid of everything you love, consider utilizing self-storage to remove some of that clutter.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming up and there’s no better time for a fresh start. It’s time to shake off those winter blues, enliven your home, and get ready for warmer weather. Here are five tips to help you get started.

Remove Clutter

The best way to start is to remove items that take up an unnecessary amount of space. A good approach is to clear out any unwanted items. Start by organizing your clothes and removing heavy outerwear and winter boots. If you don’t have a place to put them, consider donating them or placing them into storage. Next, organize your linens and décor by putting away heavier bedding and seasonal décor.

Switch Out Seasonal Items

Remove items that are specific to winter such as snow blowers and shovels and place them into a nearby storage unit. There’s no need to have heavy clutter that won’t be usable for another eight months. Assigning areas is another great way to get organized. Designate what goes where and how you’ll organize them.

Thoroughly Clean Everything

Because you’ll spend a good portion of your life outside, you should make sure to get rid of any allergens, dirt, and dust. Thoroughly clean items that often get ignored such as windows, fixtures, and draperies. Furthermore, dust down and wash all window sills, blinds, and floorboards. Be sure to also take care of your mattress by vacuuming it and flipping it over to ensure even wear.

Woman dusting with gloves on, grinning, in a kitsch way

Utilize All Available Space

While you clean, take note of space in your home that you may not be taking advantage of. This will help you create and keep an organized space for later. Utilizing open shelving in places such as the kitchen or bathroom can create a light and refreshing look to your home. Open wall shelves provide you a bright and organized environment. Creating usable storage from dead space with shelves and baskets can be really useful for everyday essentials such as tea boxes, slippers, and DVDs. They key here is to use the available space in its entirety.

Use Storage Units

For seasonal items, oversized belongings, or accessories you haven’t found a place for yet, renting a storage unit can be the perfect solution. Not only will it save you a ton of space, it’s also a very accessible method to store your belongings. Most storage units have a climate control option that can help protect fragile items such as antique furniture. As you begin your spring cleaning, consider renting a storage unit to safely store any unneeded belongings.

5 Super Last Minute Gift Ideas for the person who has everything (or too much) in Miami

Let’s face it, you’re just bad at shopping.  You hate it but certainly don’t want to leave that special person without a gift.  You are probably not going to hit up a mall this late to face the crowds.  We have compiled a few gift lists so you can scour awesome ideas for that person who has it all, or perhaps too much.

For that person with hipster tastes:

Check out this list of subscriptions or gift boxes that LA TimeOut assembled.  You may find one that will suit that person with eclectic taste!  A new pair of undies in the mail every month anyone?

For that person with expensive taste: 

Have you not gotten around to getting a gift for that special person because, well, they have taste a little too refined for your budget?  Believe it or not, there is still time to do a crafty DIY project if you start now.  Check out this list of cool gifts that you can quickly whip together with a trip to the hardware store today.

For seniors:

Print out a card or home-made gift-certificate for a tutorial on how to use on-demand services.  Set up a time to show your loved one how to download apps for Uber or Car2Go and then schedule a ride to a grocery store to show them how it works. Some seniors may not feel comfortable driving anymore, but do not want to rely on public transportation.  They also do not want to feel stuck either.  With a little hand holding until they are comfortable, you will have given a tremendous gift of mobility and special time with you!

Unique tech gifts

That person who has it all might not have seized upon this list of goodies.  Surprise your beloved with a hot new tech gadget that will soothe their insatiable need for the latest tech toy!

For a great infographic on last minute gifts for techies check out

Out with the old, in with the new


So with all the new goodies, what do you do with the things you don’t have enough room for? Send Stow Simple to the rescue. It’s convenient, hassle-free storage to your door.

Good luck with the holiday shopping!

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Storage Tips for Busy Miami Moms

As a busy mom, constantly running around Miami to keep the kids entertained and fulfilling their quota of activities each day, coming home to a cluttered mess is never fun. Instead of letting the kids leave their toys all over the place, consider storing some of them to help keep the mess to a minimum. Here are a few easy and effective storage tips for Miami moms!

Let Furniture Pull Double-Duty

Instead of using oversized chairs, consider putting storage benches in the play areas of your home. When the kids aren’t using their toys, use the inside of the storage benches to hold the excess, keeping your clutter to a minimum.

You can always consider the area beneath your child’s bed as a storage option, too. Instead of letting them stow their shoes and dust bunnies under the bed, get a set of shelves that bins can easily slide in and out of. This way, when the toys are being used, the bins are out; however, when the toys are not being used, they are tucked neatly into a shelving unit that keeps the mess out of sight.

Storage Tips for Miami Moms - How to Organize Your Kids Toys Better

Take Out the Unused Toys

If storing all of the toys within your home is not realistically an option, consider storing them elsewhere. You have many off-site storage options, from traditional storage units that can sometimes get quite expensive to temperature controlled facilities that drop off and pick up different sized storage bins for you to fill at your leisure.

Having your items able to be dropped back off as you need them, allows you to be able to swap out the toys your kids play with regularly. This keeps them happy with their current toys, and keeps the clutter out of your home!

Kick the Clutter this Holiday!

Top 5 Reasons to Stow Simple this season.

1.  Eliminate clutter.  No more hiding embarrassing boxes or unorganized chaos.  Make room for guests and start the new year fresh!
2.  Give the gift of time.  Spend it with friends and family instead of driving through traffic and signing paperwork in storage offices. How cool is it for items to be picked up and redelivered for free?!  We pick up, safely store, and return your things in less than 24 hours.
3.  Eliminate the hassle of finding boxes.  No more searching for cardboard boxes.  We’ll provide high quality plastic bins to use for free (or wardrobe/file boxes too).
4.  Say goodbye to rusty bikes.  Have a bike sitting outside or a crib awaiting baby #2?  Stow Simple picks up oversize items too and redelivers when you’re ready to use them again.
5.  All the security, without the stress.  It can be daunting to schlepp your stuff to a dark, self-storage unit.  Stow Simple is the easiest way to store your things in Miami, FL. With our on demand storage, at the touch of a button, we’ll stow your items in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse.

Why Plastic Bins Kick-Ass. Their Moving Box Supremacy is Revealed.

When you are storing, organizing and getting rid of clutter one of the first things you should consider is using plastic bins. Whether you live in Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Aventura, Brickell or Downtown Miami, our bins will help with one of Florida’s constant annoyances, bugs.

Bugs hate plastic bins, and as opposed to cardboard, plastic bins do not attract bugs! Believe it or not, bugs, particularly cockroaches and silverfish, love cardboard boxes. Bugs make their homes and lay their eggs in the corrugated ridges cardboard boxes are made of. Even scarier is that these Florida bugs enjoy eating the organic materials cardboard boxes are made of. Because cardboard is made from wood, natural fabrics and glue it makes an excellent source of food for bugs. Even grosser, roaches and silverfish love cardboard boxes because they can saturate the cardboard with their own scent secretions. And because insects like to live in groups, the saturated cardboard attracts even more bugs. Unfortunately, a cardboard box makes a bugs life easy. It provides a perfect place to live and breed, an endless supply of food, and the perfect medium to attract all their friends. Avoid all of this and use our bins!

Bins are also so much easier to use, (and reuse), and less stressful on the planet. A cardboard box has to be assembled and taped together. Sooner than later the tape will yellow and the box will fade and begin to look grungy. And that’s when it is stored in a cool dry place. Introduce a little water and Florida humidity and you will have a mess on your hands. A plastic bin does not have to be taped together, is unaffected by humidity, can be reused up to 400 times, and will look great for years.

Storing Your Personal Stuff in Florida - Stow Simple

Stow Simple uses heavy-duty commercial quality bins that are sturdy and easily transportable. Best of all they are built to last a lifetime. This is why they are used in all kinds of commercial applications like retail stores and auto assembly plants. Even if you only store your stuff with us for a few months, know that your items will be stored safely and securely in industrial quality bins. And when you are done, someone else will put them to good use. It’s a win-win for everyone. We love our bins and our customers do too! For more information on our valet storage service contact our team today.

CLICK HERE to schedule a free drop off!

5 packing tips that’ll make life easier

Whether you’re preparing downsize, move or sublet your place, packing can often feel like playing a game of tetris

Stow Simple offers our customers high quality, heavy-duty bins made in the U.S.A. for free while storing with us. They are perfect for our humid Miami weather and a wonderful eco-friendly option. Cardboard boxes are dust mite havens and disintegrate quickly when stacked over time. Packing our bins is easy and they are secured with zip ties by our team.

Many of our customers are often pleasantly surprised to see how big our bins are when they arrive

big-binJorge and Silvia Stow Simple-37

Tip #1: Distrubute the weight.  Mix heavy and light items.

Tip #2: Keep like items together.

Stow_Simple_Power Tools Bin     ToolsStow_Simple_Holiday Bin Holiday

Also, save those empty toilet paper rolls to gather your cords and keep them tangle-free!

Other bin groups may include:

  • Kids’ clothes for years x-z
  • Photo albums, miscellaneous loose photos
  • DVD’s or videos
  • Camping gear

Also, group bins by hobby/interests. Some of our customers group sailing/boat items together, motorcycling gear, sewing items for future projects.

When you need anything back, a quick scroll through your custom Lookbook online will make retrieval a lot easier.  Unlike traditional self-storage where items often get cluttered quickly in the back of the unit, your items can easily be recalled with a click of a button.

Stow Simple: Storage in Miami

Tip #3: Our bins are terrific for storing clothing and shoes.  Add a few of the Container Store’s cedar blocks for freshness.  Stow Simple’s warehouse is clean and climate controlled however, so this tip is not crucial.

Winter Clothes


Tip #4: If items don’t fit into a bin, gather them anyway. We pick up anything one person can carry.  We also provide free wardrobe and file boxes in addition to our American made, heavy-duty bins.  Bikes, golf clubs, cribs, or strollers are welcome.  We store these items securely as well  and can redeliver them whenever you need them.

Bicycle isolated on white.


Tip #5: Photo/video catalog items with easy smartphone apps. This may be the last thing anyone wants to do when packing but it could prove useful when trying to remember where specific items are located.  Use apps like Vine to log your items easily as in the example below.

They are only 7 seconds long and could prove useful for jogging your memory later.  If this is a bother, we also take free overhead shots of your bins to add to your custom Lookbook.


Schedule a free pickup today! CLICK HERE