6 Key Qualities of a Good Storage Facility

Are you considering keeping your stuff in a storage facility?

If so, you’re not alone. The self-storage industry is a billion dollar industry. Over nine percent of American households using self-storage.

With thousands of storage units out there, it may be difficult to figure out which is the best storage facility. Fear not, as we have put together six qualities you should look for in picking a storage facility.

Read on to find out what makes a storage facility a good one.

1. Good Security

If there’s one thing a good storage facility needs to have, it’s security. Basically, you need to know that your stuff will be there when you get back.

However, while providing a good lock is helpful, it isn’t enough.

The storage facility should also be well-lit, have an access gate, and be monitored 24/7. Good lighting will help detract thieves, while an access gate will limit the number of people who are able to get near your belongings.

The 24/7 surveillance is the icing on the cake though. It ensures that someone is watching the facility every second that you’re not there.

Not only does that provide good security, but it also provides peace of mind.

2. Multiple Size Options

When looking for a storage facility, you want to find one with enough space for everything you have. That’s why it’s so important that a facility has a range of size options for storage units.

A facility with only a couple of options for unit size may mean that you’ll have to decide on cramming everything you need to store into a unit that is too small, or paying for a unit with more space than you need.

With more diverse options, a good storage facility can offer the right amount of space you need, from a storage bin to a large room. Even better, a facility with a wide range of options means you can comfortably change units if the amount of space you need changes.

3. Climate-Controlled Storage

It is becoming increasingly clear that the best storage facilities provide climate-controlled storage units. What this means is that the facility provides units that have their temperature and humidity controlled to be at a consistent level.

This is so important because without this, your belongings could be ruined.

In regular storage units, your property could be subjected to constantly changing temperatures and humidity. The humidity is especially important because it determines how much moisture your things are experiencing.

This moisture can be devastating for any belongings made out of wood or paper.

Changing humidity can cause wood furniture to expand, warp, and even crack. Paper can likewise warp and lose its quality, which is terrible if you’re trying to store important documents.

For a non-climate-controlled storage unit in the Miami area, you are basically assured that your unit will face high levels of humidity. The changing temperatures can be just as damaging as well, with plastic objects (like cheap storage bins) at risk of bending or even cracking.

If a facility doesn’t provide climate-controlled storage units, then it can’t promise to protect your belongings.

4. Pickup and Delivery Services

Pickup and delivery services may not be common with most storage facilities, but that’s why the best facilities are the best.

These services are especially great for people who are elderly, disabled or don’t have the time or transportation necessary to effectively move all of their belongings to storage.

Even if you are able to move all of your stuff, organizing it effectively in your storage unit may be difficult. Professional movers can be counted on to safely and effectively move and store your objects in a way that can get the most out of your space.

5. Cleanliness/No Pests

This is a pretty basic quality, but it’s important nonetheless: a good storage facility is one that does not have pests.

The last thing you want to do when you open your storage unit is to find mouse poop or dead cockroaches. This can leave questions on what might be living in your belongings, and what kind of damage they may be causing.

A storage facility that keeps its property clean and free from pests can ensure that you don’t have to check constantly to make sure that holes aren’t being chewed in your belongings.

6. Insurance for Your Belongings

This is secretly one of the most important qualities of a good storage facility. You want to have your belongings stored at a facility that can insure them.

Even with the best security and climate-controlled units, accidents and acts of God are always possible. What separates a regular storage facility from a great storage facility is the ability to protect not just your belongings, but the value of your belongings.

Finding a Storage Facility with These Qualities

When looking for a good storage facility, you need to find one with these qualities. The facility needs to be able to keep out pests, thieves, temperature, and humidity while providing insurance, pickup services, and a wide range of unit sizes.

If you are in the Miami area, this kind of storage facility is easy to find.

We at Stow Simple offer all of these qualities and more. You can count on us to provide great pickup and delivery services while providing as much or as little quality storage as you need.

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