Why Plastic Bins Kick-Ass. Their Moving Box Supremacy is Revealed.

When you are storing, organizing and getting rid of clutter one of the first things you should consider is using plastic bins. Whether you live in Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Aventura, Brickell or Downtown Miami, our bins will help with one of Florida’s constant annoyances, bugs.

Bugs hate plastic bins, and as opposed to cardboard, plastic bins do not attract bugs! Believe it or not, bugs, particularly cockroaches and silverfish, love cardboard boxes. Bugs make their homes and lay their eggs in the corrugated ridges cardboard boxes are made of. Even scarier is that these Florida bugs enjoy eating the organic materials cardboard boxes are made of. Because cardboard is made from wood, natural fabrics and glue it makes an excellent source of food for bugs. Even grosser, roaches and silverfish love cardboard boxes because they can saturate the cardboard with their own scent secretions. And because insects like to live in groups, the saturated cardboard attracts even more bugs. Unfortunately, a cardboard box makes a bugs life easy. It provides a perfect place to live and breed, an endless supply of food, and the perfect medium to attract all their friends. Avoid all of this and use our bins!

Bins are also so much easier to use, (and reuse), and less stressful on the planet. A cardboard box has to be assembled and taped together. Sooner than later the tape will yellow and the box will fade and begin to look grungy. And that’s when it is stored in a cool dry place. Introduce a little water and Florida humidity and you will have a mess on your hands. A plastic bin does not have to be taped together, is unaffected by humidity, can be reused up to 400 times, and will look great for years.

Storing Your Personal Stuff in Florida - Stow Simple

Stow Simple uses heavy-duty commercial quality bins that are sturdy and easily transportable. Best of all they are built to last a lifetime. This is why they are used in all kinds of commercial applications like retail stores and auto assembly plants. Even if you only store your stuff with us for a few months, know that your items will be stored safely and securely in industrial quality bins. And when you are done, someone else will put them to good use. It’s a win-win for everyone. We love our bins and our customers do too! For more information on our valet storage service contact our team today.

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