5 Super Last Minute Gift Ideas for the person who has everything (or too much) in Miami

Let’s face it, you’re just bad at shopping.  You hate it but certainly don’t want to leave that special person without a gift.  You are probably not going to hit up a mall this late to face the crowds.  We have compiled a few gift lists so you can scour awesome ideas for that person who has it all, or perhaps too much.

For that person with hipster tastes:

Check out this list of subscriptions or gift boxes that LA TimeOut assembled.  You may find one that will suit that person with eclectic taste!  A new pair of undies in the mail every month anyone?

For that person with expensive taste: 

Have you not gotten around to getting a gift for that special person because, well, they have taste a little too refined for your budget?  Believe it or not, there is still time to do a crafty DIY project if you start now.  Check out this list of cool gifts that you can quickly whip together with a trip to the hardware store today.

For seniors:

Print out a card or home-made gift-certificate for a tutorial on how to use on-demand services.  Set up a time to show your loved one how to download apps for Uber or Car2Go and then schedule a ride to a grocery store to show them how it works. Some seniors may not feel comfortable driving anymore, but do not want to rely on public transportation.  They also do not want to feel stuck either.  With a little hand holding until they are comfortable, you will have given a tremendous gift of mobility and special time with you!

Unique tech gifts

That person who has it all might not have seized upon this list of goodies.  Surprise your beloved with a hot new tech gadget that will soothe their insatiable need for the latest tech toy!

For a great infographic on last minute gifts for techies check out skillcrush.com.

Out with the old, in with the new


So with all the new goodies, what do you do with the things you don’t have enough room for? Send Stow Simple to the rescue. It’s convenient, hassle-free storage to your door.

Good luck with the holiday shopping!

Cover photo from skillcrush.com