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Best Storage Solution for Miami Cruise Ship Workers

From being the home to some of the largest cruise ships in the world to being the busiest port in both passenger and cruise lines, there’s no questioning how Miami earned itself the title of “Cruise Capital of the World.”

While cruises only last a week on average for tourists, the workers spend many months out at sea. Obviously, they can’t bring all of their belongings on the ship with them. So, many choose to simply store their things while they are away instead of paying rent.

Many of those very workers are kind enough to choose us for their storage needs. We recognized early on that Miami is home to people who are tired of the clutter that comes with urban life. We vowed to do everything we can to make their lives easier.

So what makes us the best storage solution for cruise ship workers?

  • We go above and beyond to take the frustration out of storage. We will come straight to your door to pick up your things and deliver them right back to you when you are ready.
  • Just like the water, we have crystal clear pricing plans with no surprise fees or long-term contracts.
  • To make things even more convenient, we photo catalog all of your belongings so that next time you need something, you know exactly where to find it. Tired of digging through storage with no idea what you’ve stored? Problem solved.
  • We are passionate about our community and strive to bring you the greatest quality that we can. Because we’re Miami’s highest rated 5-star storage company, you can have peace of mind out at sea knowing that your belongings are safe!