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Summer Cleaning: Top Things to Get Rid of and Not Store This Summer

If you’ve let the spring cleaning season go without attacking some of that household clutter, no worries. There’s always summer cleaning!

In fact, summertime can be an even more motivating season for getting rid of stuff because the school year has ended and you have more time. You’re also pulling out dusty suit cases and digging through closets to prepare for vacation.

In all that foraging for old swimsuits and stored floats, you’re probably stumbling over things you haven’t looked at it in years. In the spirit of summer cleaning, it’s time to ask yourself: can I get rid of it instead of storing it again? Let’s look at some¬†summer cleaning top things to get rid of and not store this summer.

Summer Cleaning Item 1:

Old reading material. Do you keep piling up the latest magazines and books you’ve read but weren’t that excited about? Take this time to just ditch it. Box it up and take it to the local thrift store.

Summer Cleaning Item 2:

Old kitchen items. If you feel a bit crowded in your own kitchen, it may be time to sift through it. Getting rid of old plastic ware is actually a good idea because it deteriorates over time. Also consider giving away appliances you haven’t used in years, like a juicer or meat slicer.

Summer Cleaning Item 3:

Stained fabric kept around as cleaning rags. Sometimes it’s tempting to keep stained sheets and towels around for messy activities, but if you haven’t used them in a while, you probably don’t need them.

Summer Cleaning Item 4:

Clothes no one wears anymore. This is an item every household has and which every household needs to go through now and then. Take out each piece of clothing one at a time, and if you haven’t worn it in the last six months, put it in a giveaway box. This includes tee shirts, which we all seem to collect without meaning to.

Summer Cleaning Item 5:

Items stored under the bed. You may keep duffel bags and baseball bats down there for safekeeping, but if you remove these items and they’re caked in dust, take them out of the house.

In all this summer cleaning, you might find some keepsake items. When you discover things that you want to keep but don’t have anywhere to store it,¬†call on us at Stow Simple. We offer easy delivery and pickup of storage in the Miami area!