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Organizing for the New Year

After the holidays, chances are, organizing for the New Year has become a priority in your life. Gifts received over the holidays, especially if you have kids, may feel as though they’re taking over your home! On the other hand, getting organized may feel like a monumental task. You aren’t sure you have room to store everything. Thankfully, that’s where using a storage facility comes into play.

Sort out all the seasonal decor and other items in your home. If you only use it once or twice a year, go ahead and move it out! That way, it’s not taking up valuable storage space that can be used for items that you use on a regular basis.

Clean out the gifts you won’t be using just yet. This is especially helpful if you have kids who were given toys to “grow into.” With little ones running around the house, it’s easier to store away toys that they aren’t quite old enough for yet, then bring them out when your child has grown into them. The same is true of gifts for you: if you were given gifts for an event that’s still in the future–a move, a career change, or going back to school–you can store them away until it’s time to use them.

Clean out items that have been replaced by new gifts. You don’t have to get rid of them just yet, especially if you aren’t sure the new one is going to work for you or if you think you might want it later. Instead, store it away where you can access it if you need it, but it won’t be cluttering up your home.

If you’re ready to clean out your home and make everything bright, shiny, and organized for the New Year, contact us! We’ll make it easier than you ever thought possible to store items that you don’t need. You only have so much storage space in your home, but we have plenty of storage for you.