Combat Clutter with these 8 Colorful Hacks

Add a pop of color while you combat clutter. These 8 colorful decluttering tools will not only help keep you organized, but also bring a smile to your face (Punky Brewster approved).

Combat Clutter Hack: #1

Need a cute reminder where to leave your purse and keys? These bright beauties will ensure your bag and keys are always within reach.Keep Keys and Bags in One Place, $23.99. Get them here.

Combat Clutter Hack: #2

The ultimate collection of practical, space-saving kitchenware, this colorful set comes with mixing bowls, measuring cups, a sieve and strainer that all happily stack together.

Colorful Nesting Bowls, $50. Get them here.

Combat Clutter Hack: #3

Keep important tools handy with these colorful magnetic stickers.

Tools for your Tools, $14.99. Get them here. 

Combat Clutter Hack: #4

Better than a basket, try this cozy remote tidy to keep your remotes all in one finable place.

Remote Control Caddy, £12.50 . Get it here. 

 Combat Clutter Hack: #5

Craft, art supplies, toys, office items and more are wonderfully organized with this ingenious, portable system. The multiple colors can be used to color code contents or simply to add a burst of interest to a room.

Combat Clutter Storage container, $12.99. Get them here.

Combat Clutter Hack: #6

Have a favorite color? We love cyan. These silicone cyan kitchen utensils look great in our Stow Simple kitchen. They are sure to brighten up your kitchen too.

Combat Clutter Utensils_blue, $14.99. Get them here.

Combat Clutter Hack: #7

Need a mobile way to keep things organized? Try this 10-drawer organizer. Assign each color a theme to easily remember what you have stowed.

colorful files, 39.99. Get it here.

Combat Clutter Hack: #8

Keep all of your desk accessories under control. This four piece set allows you to organize all of your small accessories from pens, pencils, and markers, to rubber bands, paperclips, sticky notes, pushpins, and more. They are available in almost every color of the rainbow.

RedStockholmDesktopOrganizerRed, $11.99. Get it here.