To Hang or Fold? We have the Answer.

Want a happier closet? Knowing what to hang and fold is key to gaining closet space. Did you know that you can fit 25-40 folded items in the same space required to hang 10? And you can save money on all those hangers too. Here’s how to triple the size of your closet by folding.

What do you fold and what do you hang? We’ve got you covered with our handy Stow Simple Hang-or-Fold Guide.


Hang clothes in the same category side-by-side.

Coats, jackets, and blazers –  Heavy and tailored items like blazers and jackets are best hung. Go for curved hangers for heavy coats to better handle their weight and keep their shape.

Dresses and jumpsuits – Always hang your dresses and jumpsuits on hangers, unless they’re heavily embellished.

Skirts – Unless they are made out of denim or a thick material, skirts should be hung at the waist with clipped hangers.

Light blouses Silk, linen, rayon, and satin blouses should be hung. If you’re hanging button-downs, make sure the top button is secured—this keeps the collar from developing pesky creases.

Delicate pants –  Use clips to hang pants at the waist or the hem (so they hang vertically in your closet), or fold them along the crease and drape over the bar of a hanger.


Sweaters – Even the best of hangers will stretch sweaters when hung.

Shirts –  Short-sleeve and long-sleeve tees should be folded to take up less space.

Casual skirts – Denim skirts or thick-knit skirts can be folded on a shelf or slung over a hanger’s bar.

Heavy pants – You’ll be shocked at home much room you can save by folding jeans, cargo and other thick pants. These are thick enough that folding won’t cause them to wrinkle.

Shorts – Unless linen, silk or a lightweight material that flutters in the breeze, shorts can easily be folded wrinkle-free.


Now go and create the closet of your dreams!