8 Signs you are Ready to Move In Together

Moving in together can be sheer bliss or struggle. Merging spaces at that right time makes all the difference. Below are some tips to know when you’re ready to move in together.

Sign 1: You’re Scared

If you’re not apprehensive you may be in the fantasy world of “playing house.” It’s natural to be nervous. It’s a big decision. Being somewhat scared means that you are fully considering the magnitude of your decision.

Sign 2: You’ve Traveled Together and Survived

Have you spent 100% of your time together? If not, traveling together is great training for moving in. You can better understand habits and how your loved one deals with stress.

Sign 3: You’ve Advanced Beyond the Honeymoon Phase

The first 6 to 12 months of a relationship can be sheer bliss, but can also blind you to realities of what’s going on. Social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt, observes that oxytocin released during the initial stages of a relationship (The Happiness Hypothesis) is similar to a drug that creates an altered mental state.

Sign 4: You’ve Had a Major Argument and Survived 

Recovering from disagreement is essential for couples to take the next step. Do you remember your last major blowout? The fact that you’ve survived means you are more ready to share a place. You’ve put into place valuable tools that are essential for living together.

Sign 5: You’ve Defined Your Relationship

Communication is key to couple survival. Have you had the “what are we” talk? Sitting down and defining your relationship can help solve communication gaps that often tumble relationships.

Sign 6: You Don’t Ignore Problems

Are the same issues coming up time and time again? If so, and you’re not working to solve them that’s a bad sign. Once you’ve moved in together problems only compound and explode.

Sign 7: It’s Not About the Money

It’s hard to negate that moving in may cut your rent in half. But you need to ask yourself, does moving in together have to do with money? If so, take a pause.

Sign 8: You’ve Made Room

Finally, you need need to make room both mentally and physically. Have you given yourself time to understand one another’s needs, expressed your deal breakers and discussed expectations? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not discussing with each other what moving in together really means.

What are the next steps? Why are we doing this now? Do you have enough space?  Wait… We can help you with the last one. If you have decided to give it a go, and don’t want to fight about whose stuff stays and whose stuff goes… Stow Simple.

We hope this helped and wish you the very best with your decision.