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Terms of Student Storage Service

Thank you for using Stow Simple. Our goal is to make storage as stress free as possible. In order to accomplish this, there are some ground rules we have to cover. This document is intended to set out the terms and conditions (the "Student Storage Terms") that govern the use of and Stow Simple student services.

Please read this agreement carefully as both you and Stow Simple are bound by the terms of this Agreement. Our Storage and Online Services are available to you only if you accept all policies comprised in this Agreement. Please note that Stow Simple reserves the right to amend any portion of this service explanation at any time

Service: Student Storage shall include the delivery of empty bins or empty boxes with packing supplies. It also includes the pickup, transportation, storage, and delivery of the Customer’s possessions. The Customer shall present pre-packed personal goods to Stow Simple at the time of pickup. Stow Simple reserves the right to reject any item submitted for storage in the event that packages are considered unacceptable as to the manner in which it has been packed or for any other reason. Stow Simple will return the goods to the Customer during dates and times established by Stow Simple by considering school and dormitory schedules. Customer agrees to be present to receive the goods at the specified delivery date, time, and location.

Material Delivery: Once the Customer has made an account and reservation through the Stow Simple website (, his or her material delivery day is scheduled. The Customer should be present at their selected appointment time to receive delivery. Stow Simple may contact the Customer via phone, email, or text prior to delivery to establish a more specific delivery time slot. If Stow Simple establishes a more specific delivery time slot, the Customer should be present during that time slot to receive materials. Should the Customer wish to not be present during the material delivery, they must communicate this when processing order at or via email to at least 72 hours prior to delivery. Should the Customer elect to not be present during delivery, Stow Simple will leave all materials outside of the entrance of the Customer’s residence. The Customer recognizes that Stow Simple will not be held liable for damage or theft to their materials. A Stow Simple representative delivering the materials will indicate the amount of materials given on your contract. The bins or that the customer takes must be used for our program. Any extra bins that the customer does not use should be returned on the day of their scheduled pick-up. The replacement cost for bins not returned or damaged is $35 per bin and will be charged to Your card.

Storage Terms and Conditions: You acknowledge that (1) all of the terms are your property (2) none of these are illegal, perishable or hazardous materials, (3) are properly packed (4) your true name, contact information, and payment information appear on your account, (5) You represent and warrant that each Box rented by you contains property with a total value of $100 or less, with an aggregate limit comprising of all of Your Things of $0.60 per lb (the "Aggregate Limit"). In the event of any loss, damage, or destruction of Subscriber Property caused by Stow Simple's breach of any obligation to Subscriber, Stow Simple's liability will be limited to direct damages in the amount of the cost (fair market value) of the Subscriber Property, up to U.S. $100 per Box or U.S. $0.60 per lb for Your Things.

Pickup & Move Out: The Customer shall present pre-packed goods to Stow Simple at the time of pick-up. The Customer must select one of the pick-up times through their account on the Stow Simple website ( Failure to be present at scheduled pick-up time may result in Rescheduling or Cancellation Fee of up to $100. Should the customer leave their boxes unattended for pickup, the Customer recognizes that Stow Simple will not be held liable for damage or theft to their belongings. Pick-Up at non-scheduled times may be available for a fee as discussed in the Pricing section below.

Pricing Stow Simple charges the Customer for the entire summer period (four months) at the beginning of the summer. There is a $200 storage minimum. In addition, Stow Simple will charge and the Customer will pay additional fees as described in this section. The purpose of the additional fees is to compensate Stow Simple for expenses it incurs beyond those associated with the provision of services according to standard procedures. Additional Fees may be charged for the following, as explained in the sections of this Agreement: Cancellation (day before) 1. $50 if bins have not been already dropped off or 2. $85 if we have to recollect empty bins, Cancellation (day of) – $100, Redelivery After Failed Attempt – $40, Off Day Service – $35-55, Late Registration (48 hours prior to first scheduled university exam day) – $50. Late Change of Service (Day, Time or Location) – $50, Late payment fee $1/day. Additional Abandonment Fees – Costs incurred when storage items are not claimed by the Customer.

Limited Liability: Stow Simple liability for loss or damage to your storage items is limited to the actual damages, insured value, or insurance maximums, whichever is less. The maximum recovery is limited to the insured value, repair cost, replacement cost, or fair market value, whichever is less. Storage items and boxes not meeting the standards listed in the packing guidelines are not covered for damage during pickup, transportation, storage, and/or delivery. You acknowledge that you have received, understood, and followed the packing guidelines for storing items with Stow Simple.

Claims: In order for insurance claims to be honored, all claims must be (1) in writing and received within two weeks of the item being returned to You, (2) have entire items including packing materials inspected by Stow Simple’s insurance carrier or representatives, and (3) provide proof of the item(s) value.

Heavy-Duty Bin Terms and Conditions: “Heavy-Duty Bins” are rentable items. The rental period begins on the date bins are acquired by You and shall end on the date bins are returned to Us. Bins are, and shall at all times remain, the sole and exclusive property of Us. We warrant that bins are in satisfactory operating condition at the time of delivery. If You fail to notify Us of any damages, then you shall be deemed to have accepted the bins as being in acceptable operating condition. During the period of Your possession of the bins, all risk of loss, destruction of, or damage to the bins, from any cause whatsoever shall be borne to You. The replacement cost for bins not returned or damaged is $35 per bin and will be charged to Your card.

Abandonment: Without limiting the right of Stow Simple to conclude for other reasons that the Customer will not be returning to school, the Customer agrees that their failure to be present on the scheduled delivery day and their failure to communicate with Stow Simple concerning an alternate delivery arrangement constitutes abandonment of their stored possessions. Under abandonment of their possessions, the Customer agrees to pay Stow Simple for all charges and fees relating to the failed delivery. Stow Simple has the right to assume ownership of the abandoned property 30 days after 4-month storage term has ended.

Waiver: Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, the Customer waives any claims for damage or loss of any article against Stow Simple and its employees. The Customer expressly releases and holds Stow Simple, and its representatives harmless from any and all costs of processing any claim or defending any claim arising from this Agreement.

Applicable Law: The Customer acknowledges that there are no representations, warranties, or Agreements by or between the parties which are not fully set forth herein and no representative of Stow Simple or Stow Simple’s representatives is authorized to make any representations, warranties, or Agreements other than as expressly set forth herein. A writing signed by the parties may only amend this Agreement.

Promotional Offers: Promotional offers may not be combined and are valid only during time period specified on relevant marketing materials.

Statement of Understanding: The contract constitutes the entire agreement between You and Us and supersedes all prior, subsequent, and/or contemporaneous representation, written or oral. Once order is submitted, the customer admits to have read, fully understand, and acknowledge that they are in compliance with these terms and conditions and agree with and accept them as stated. This Agreement shall be governed, interpreted, and construed according to the law of the State of Florida. The Customer agrees that any court action pertaining to this agreement shall be conducted in courts in the State of Florida.