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Stow Simple is the easiest way to store your stuff. We pick up, store and return your items with the click of a button. We also provide an online inventory of stowed items. Stow Simple lets you see and access your stuff without ever having to visit a storage facility.
It's soooo easy! Stow Simple manages the pickup, storage and redelivery of your extra items. We come to you so you don't have to suffer through Miami traffic or deal with the inconvenience of hauling items to a remote storage facility. Your belongings are safely stowed in our secure, climate-controlled facility until you need them. When you want something returned, simply call or log into your account to schedule a delivery.
Very Safe! Here's how we protect your items:
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Background checked drivers
  • Humidity and temperature-controlled warehouse
  • Each bin is sealed
  • We use American made heavy-duty, commercial, water-resistant bins. You'll love them.
  • We provide Basic Insurance coverage ($0.60/lb) for items (unless fragile or note properly pacekd, please review our Terms of Service for more details).
Yes, we carry insurance against items stowed in our bins to give you peace of mind. Our coverage protects against the unlikely event that items get damaged, stolen, or lost during storage or transportation. Our policy accepts claims of $0.60/lb. Outside of the protection, if you have renters or homeowners insurance, your personal articles policy should provide coverage for your items while in storage. Please review our Terms of Service for insurance protection agaisnt large items as items must be properly packed to qualify for coverage and fragile items are not covered under our basic insurance protection.
Yes! We understand how important your belongings are and just how hot and sticky Florida summers can get. Fear not, our warehouse is fully air-conditioned and kept between 55°F and 83°F. We work diligently to help protect your goods from dust, mold, pests, and humidity.
Whenever it is most convenient for you. Just select any available delivery window. We can be there in as little as 36 hours, or you can schedule up to a month in advance. Our typical delivery hours are Monday through Saturday 8 AM - 7 PM. However, if those times don't work, give us a call and we will do our best to meet your needs.
After our morning cafecito, our customer care agents are up and ready to go! You can reach us from 9 AM until 6 PM EST, Monday through Friday and 10 AM until 4 PM on Saturdays. If you're calling outside of our office hours, leave a message or email us at and we will get back to you in a snap!
Our goal is to make storage super easy so you never have to visit our facility. If you need your stuff in a jiffy, give us a call. We'll do our best to make it happen.
We don't have an app just yet, but our site is mobile friendly. An app is coming soon!
Our prices start at $30/month. There are no long-term commitments or price hikes. You can store any combination of items as long as they add up to $30 and are stowed for at least 3 months. Our bin pricing starts at $6. Each bin fits as much as 2 carry-ons (or 3 cubic feet each). If you need to store more, each additional bin is $6/month. If your items are too big for a bin, we'll gladly stow your oversized items.
Bin Storage ($6/mo. per bin) - These are items any one person can carry (up to 45lbs)
Stow Simple Urbin Closets - If you have a bunch of stuff, don't worry. Our Urbin Closets are like having an on-demand storage unit. Our pricing starts at just $49/mo. Our plans fit small furniture, boxes, bins or your entire apartment. They include a free pickup and complimentary use of our Stow Simple bins. 

If your items don't fit in our Stow Simple bin we can still stow them. Simply sign up for one of our storage units. We offer various plans to meet your needs. 

We bill your credit card once we have received your stuff at our storage facility. Future charges will occur on the initial anniversary date. For example, if we pick up your things on the 7th of the month, your "second month" begins on the 7th of the next month. (Please note: we have a three-month minimum). If we pick up your things after the 28th of any month, your anniversary date will be on the 28th.

We will return your items whenever you want, however we do have a $30, 90-day storage minimum per item. If you remove your items prior to the 90 days you will be charged your original monthly rent for the remaining time. In addition, if the individual items being stowed fall under $30, you will still be charged $30 per month. 

Redelivery is charged at a rate of $55/person with a 1-hour minimum. 
Simply log in to your Stow Simple account to make any changes to billing or contact information.
Life happens and we understand. That's why there is a 9-day grace period for late payments. However, on the 10th day you will incur a $10 fee. You will also incur a $1 per day late fee for every day your account is past due starting on day 11. Hence if your account is 15 days overdue, the fee is $15 dollars. If 20 days past due, the late fee will be $20. If you settle your account before being 10 days delinquint there is no penalty. Please note that after thirty days, we might even have to auction off your belongings and you will be subject to additional lien and auction fees. You may review our Terms of Service for more details.

If you don't know how many bins you'll need, order a few more. We only charge for the bins you use. As a tip, our average customer uses 8 bins. Our heavy-duty, American made bins have a 50lbs weight capacity.

Each bin can hold:

  • 18 pairs of shoes
  • or 60 shirts
  • or 45 sweaters
  • or 40 jeans
  • or 65 paperback books
  • To see what people are storing CLICK HERE
As much as we'd love to help out, we aren't allowed to pack bins on your behalf.
Absolutely! Our Stow Away team can pick up most items that one person can carry. Please note heavy/bulky items are subject to a $55 extra person fee to pickup. For a list of prices CLICK HERE.
We are happy you asked. CLICK HERE to see our Storage Rules where we list prohibited items including perishables, liquids, hazardous and illegal materials.
Whenever it is most convenient for you. Just select any available delivery window. We can be there in as little as 24 hours, or you can schedule up to a month in advance. Our typical delivery hours are Monday through Saturday 8AM - 7PM. However, if those times don't work, give us a call and we will do our best to meet your needs.
Just pack your bins and ensure that furniture items are disassembled prior to pick up. We'll pick up your bins and seal them with a uniquely coded seal. Bins shouldn't weigh more than 40lbs. If you can't lift them as high as your chest, well, they are probably too heavy. We provide any moving blankets, shrink-wrap and other equipment or materials necessary to safeguard your items during transport. All of this is included in your monthly storage rent. We do not pack boxes or containers, so you will need to box or protect most non-furniture items. We understand that some oversized items, like lamps, bicycles and other items are too awkward to be boxed, so we can take those as-is. We recommend that you safeguard your electronics, picture frames and vulnerable items. There are a few items we cannot take including items over 200 lbs or 10 feet long. 
After dropping off your bins, our drivers will wait for up to 20 minutes while you pack. If you need a bit more time, just schedule a free pick-up anytime within two weeks.
Each plastic bin is made of highly durable material and is not cheap, so we ask you to please schedule a pickup within 2 weeks of receiving bins. If you keep empty plastic bins for more than 14 days without booking a pickup with Stow Simple will consider this as a purchase of the plastic bins and you will be charged $28 per bin on the 15th day.
Yes. You can reschedule your appointment however, cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice are subjec to a $100 cancellation fee. To cancel an appointment, simply log onto your account and select to cancel the appointment. You may also call (888) 544-6050 or email
Our Stow Away Team will wait for 20 minutes while trying to get in touch with you. You'll be considered a no-show after 20 minutes and we'll have to charge you $100.
After we drop off the initial bins, if you decide not to stow with us, just let us know. We'll come to pick up the bins. Please note that a $50 "Empty Bin Pickup" fee will be incurred.
In most cases, we can get your bins back to you in 36 hours. It's always smart to book as far in advance as possible to ensure your preferred delivery date/time.
Please email us at or give us a call at (888) 544-6050 and we'll work with you to ship items that can be safely boxed to your new location.
Our Stow Away Team will wait 20 minutes for you to unpack. If you need more time, you can hold onto the bins for up to two weeks, but we will have to charge you a $25 fee for the extra trip to recollect the bins.
Our fleet currently services the areas listed below. We are hoping to expand soon. If your ZIP code isn't listed and you want service, please send us an email at

Miami Service Area ZIP codes

 & North Beach