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Off-Campus Delivery

Off-Campus Delivery at the University of Miami

Any delivery that is not made to Lakeside Village, Mahoney Residential College, Pearson Residential College, Stanford Residential College, Eaton Residential College or the University Village (buildings 1-7) is considered an off-campus delivery and subject to the following delivery fee (includes single level housing). Deliveries to a fraternity are considered an off-campus delivery (however we do offer 1 free curbside delivery day typically the Friday before school starts to official fraternity housing). STOW SIMPLE CANNOT MAKE AN ON-CAMPUS DELIVERY TO ANY STUDENT THAT IS NOT RESIDING ON CAMPUS. 

  • Group Delivery: $150/person (no tax) applies if we can service at least 10 people at same day/time/location with the same vehicle.
  • Shared Delivery: $180/person (no tax) applies if we can service 5 or more people at the same/day/time/location
  • All other deliveries are considered a Custom Delivery and charged at a rate of $225/person (no tax)

Off-campus deliveries that contain 15 or more items will incur an additional $100 fee (as we need additional staff/time/vehicle space to service). Orders with 25+ items have a starting rate of $425 (no tax). All deliveries are subject to availability. There are no pickups at our facility.